Utah Valley Urgent Care



Any story worth reading has an adventure to share, a monster to fight, and a damsel to save. Our story has that, and more.

Our story begins with family…….

We are four guys who have made Utah County our home. Three of us have become close as brothers, and the fourth is father to one and mentor to all. Two of us are Utah born and bred while two come from Illinois but have been drawn by the beauty, majesty, and wonder of living in Utah. The State is beautiful, however Utah’s greatest resource is its people and it’s because of our neighbors and friends that we make Utah County our home. We have become a family and believe that the greatest adventure we can live is for you to allow our family to care for your family.

We are all fathers and understand the demands that are placed on families even in times of good health. We empathize with families who are facing economic stress, dealing with busy schedules, or are worrying about civil uncertainty at home and abroad. We empathize because we all are fighting those same very real monsters. Like you, we are tired, but strong families are not easily defeated and it is the help we give and get from each other that makes this adventure fun.

When the monsters we fight include illness then we inevitably turn to a changing Health Care system that currently has few options for quick, reliable, and affordable care. Thanks to the Internet we as families are becoming smarter with regards to our own health, but we still need a medical home where we can find a someone skilled and trusted that will listen to us with empathy and treat us with respect, all at a fair price.

We want to welcome you to our medical home. Our family considers it a genuine privilege to be able to care for your family. We have based our practice on the core values of family, faith, fitness, and fun and consider this stewardship one of our greatest responsibilities. We truly love serving those who have entrusted us to care for them when they are often at their most vulnerable. This is the adventure.

As for the damsel to save, well, our wives would say that they actually rescued us and they would be right. It is their love and support that gives us the ability to be our best for you.

To finish, the name “Utah Valley Urgent Care” is both accurate and misnomer in that we are a Family Practice, but one with unusual hours that also accepts walk in appointments and can perform most non-emergent procedures and tests. We are open late and on the weekends because we know that illness does not follow a schedule. We are here to help balance out the crisis of sick children against the angst of working the next day. We are not here to take the place of the respected and loved Primary Care Provider that you have seen for years, but we are here because there are times that we just can’t get into our normal medical home.
We also understand that going to the ER for a non-emergent problem can be painful, slow, and expensive. We talk and listen to our neighbors and realize that having very expensive health insurance, crappy insurance, or having no insurance is becoming more and more common. To help with this we offer our Simple Care solution. We are here to work with you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of service. Please let us know how we can serve you better. Please share our story with your friends and family. More importantly, however, please share your stories of how we have served you. We welcome you to our medical home. Please let us know how we can help.